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Our indulgent spa rituals are sure to suit your specific self-care needs, be it relaxation, nourishment, skincare or over all wellbeing leaving you recharged, renewed & glowing from head to toe.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Enjoy being transported to tropical island bliss as you experience the vast benefits of traditional Hawaiian massage based on ancient holistic healing practices from Hawaii. Our therapists specialise specifically on the Kahuna body temple style using long flowing strokes running along, across and underneath the body with plenty of oil in a luxurious style that feels like the waves of the ocean.

Lomi Lomi is a complete full body massage from head to toes which improves circulation, relaxes soft and deep tissue, rejuvenates vital organs, detoxifies the body, releases stress & tension. The long flowing rhythmic movements and love that is conveyed through Lomi Lomi is emotionally healing and soothing which instils a sense of inner peace, harmony and tranquility.

You seem to be overthinking things, your mind is constantly chattering, your muscles tender, tight and tense… you deserve to be held in a place of safety, nurturing and healing. This treatment will relax you on all levels bringing you back into movement, softness, flow and heart space.

55 Minute Session $130

Hot Lava Shell Massage

This indulgent and truly pampering massage offers an idyllic treatment combining the warmth of the shells with deeply relaxing massage techniques, creating a sense of balance to the entire body. During the massage, the shells are worked over the palms, arms, feet and legs in slow deep moves to warm and de-stress. This is followed by a wonderfully tranquil massage on the back, neck and shoulder area to ease away all tension, knots and stress. An unforgettable and sublime experience.

Hot Lava Shell Massage is said to be 10 times deeper than a normal massage, it will soothe aching muscles and encourage your muscles to deeply relax and re-energise your whole body. The heat from the tiger-striped clam shells along with the deep tissue pressure point massage eases away muscle tension, releases energy flow and restores a sense of balance to the body and mind.

You are sure to leave our crystal charged treatment rooms feeling refreshed, relaxed, recharged, and supple. This is a must-have treatment for absolutely everyone!

55 Minute Session - $130

Indian Head Drizzle Massage Ritual

In Fijian culture the scalp is considered sacred, the belief is that this is where the soul resides. This ritual begins with warm Pure Fiji exotic oil dripped & drizzled from a coconut shell down onto the third eye before being tenderly massaged throughout your hair, scalp, face, neck, shoulders, and upper arms for and intoxicating treatment relaxing areas of the body that are most affected by stress.

While the treatment is just on the upper part of the body its effects are felt throughout the mind, body & soul. The pure Fiji exotic oil is natural, light and left on after the treatment nourish & hydrate your hair.

Your tension headaches and migraines are depressing, excruciating and robbing you of so many joyful and fun experiences – this treatment is an all encompassing relaxing, healing and balancing experience.

55 Minute Session - $120

Pure Fiji Island Dreams Facial

Escape to the Islands and be transformed with a Pure Fiji hydrating and blissful facial ritual with rose quartz elements that will leave your skin glowing and ease away any tension, followed with a Pure Fiji Exotic Oil drizzle Indian head massage to nourish & condition your hair and scalp.

It’s been a loooong week giving your time and energy to everyone else… and now it’s time for you to receive a taste of the Fiji Islands bliss.

55 Minute Session - $120

Caribbean Clay Body Wrap

This stimulating, hydrating and detoxifying treatment rids your body of unwanted toxins & pain whilst revitalising your skin and relaxing your mind.

Your therapist will start your treatment with a dry body exfoliation brush to stimulate your skin and remove any surface dryness before enveloping you in a nutrient rich warm Australian pink clay body masque which contains high levels of powerful antioxidants that draw impurities from the skin, improve skin tone, brightness and youthfulness.

While wrapped in a cocoon you will totally surrender to a soothing & blissful foot, face and head massage followed by a hot towel removal of the clay wrap.

Your experience will be enhanced and completed with a relaxation massage and the nourishing benefits of coconut oil and natural aromatherapy which will leave you feeling pampered, revitalised and your skin refreshed.

55 Minute Session - $130

Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage

Hawaiian hot stone massage is one of the most deeply relaxing and blissful treatments in the world which should not be missed. Our therapist use a variety of different shaped & sized stones are warmed and used to massage in a comforting, rhythmic sequence using the long flowing strokes of the incredible Hawaiian Ka Huna massage.

Hot stone massage improves the circulation and calms the nervous system. It is recommended for those with stress, anxiety and tension, neck, shoulder and back pain, poor circulation, arthritic pain, insomnia, and depression. This is an amazing full-body massage and sensory experience that will leave you floating on air.

So you’re experiencing stiff muscles, feeling overworked and rundown, maybe it’s time for you to give your body some gratitude and love?

55 Minute Session - $130

Caribbean Island Hydrating Honey Wrap

Hydrate your skin whilst calming your mind with this nourishing treatment which will leave your mind refreshed and body restored.

We will gently dry brush your skin and apply and wrap your body in warmed pure fiji coconut honey masque followed by honey body butter containing vitamins and antioxidants as you receive a warm coconut oils oil drizzle head massage keeping your mind on “Island Time”.

Your experience will be enhanced and completed with a relaxing massage and the nourishing benefits of coconut oil and natural aromatherapy which will leave you feeling pampered, revitalised and refreshed.

55 Minute Session - $130

Tropical Sugar Glow Scrub

This tropical sugar glow scrub not only removes surface dull skin, when honey and coconut milk is added it melts to release natural exfoliant from the sugars – You may know them as ‘alpha hydroxy acids’ in advanced skincare.

With just a few handfuls of natural crushed sugar cane and a drenching of coconut milk we will exfoliate any dry skin away leaving your skin glowing and the softest it’s ever been followed by a nourishing full body massage.

55 Minute Session - $130

“I just want a normal massage” Relaxation Massage

Feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated as your stress and tension melts away from your body. This massage is gentle, soothing, nurturing and a great choice if you’re not sure what type of massage to choose.

This relaxation massage will calm your mind, awaken your senses, unravel your nervous system and relive sore muscles allowing your body to catch up from the daily stresses of life.

I know, it’s so hard to choose which massage is best for you… this one is the one you have when you are so done with it all that you can’t even be bothered reading about them all – you just want to turn up, check right out and be lulled into a peaceful, tranquil and blissful state. Go on, you know you need this in your life!

55 Minute Session - $120

Aromatherapy & Crystal Healing Massage

Delight & ignite your senses, relieve muscular tension, stresses, aches & pains through the holistic art of applying and massaging essential oils extracted from plants and powerfully beautiful crystals created over thousands of years in the earth into your body. Our therapist will combine a selection of oils exclusively selected to suit your treatment.

Aromatherapy works as you inhale the essential oil molecules and absorb them through your skin as they are applied. It is said that aromatherapy creates beneficial changes in your mind and body by affecting the limbic system, a region of the brain known to positively influence the nervous system.

Throughout this treatment crystals will be placed under or around the massage table as well as on the key energy centres (chakras) of your body to begin the relaxation process and harmonise spirit and emotions texture and decadence to your relaxation massage.

55 Minute Session - $120

Sensory Tickle & Scratch Relaxation

Remember the back tickles and light scratches you loved as a kid, through the magic your Mum used to put you to sleep or to soothe you? How about the times you dozed off while someone played with your hair?

If you’re relaxed just thinking about it this deluxe treatment this is for you! We will get your goosebumps jumping and your nervous system unravelling as we send you floating on a cloud of heavenly bliss – Instantly unwind and totally chill out with this boutique nurturing and relaxing blend of slow back, neck, shoulders, arms and optional hair/head tickles combined with super light massaging strokes with our finger tips and massage tools such as feathers and/or brushes for the ultimate shirt on or shirt off pampering session whilst you lay face down on a comfy massage table or banana lounge beside the pool.

55 Minute Session - $120

Lava Mama Pregnancy Massage

Our Lava Mama Pregnancy full body massage is a blissful combination of relaxation and stimulation to ease away aches and pains it particularly focussing on the back, hips and legs. Throughout the treatment the therapist uses two hot lava over the body with pure coconut oil.

This heavenly massage includes the back, hips, legs, feet, bump, arms and hands and finishes with a soothing head massage. This treatment assists circulation and alleviates puffiness and fluid build-up particularly in the legs and ankles to effectively support any mum-to-be throughout the stages of her pregnancy and the miraculous changes to her body.

You poor thing! Your back, legs and feet are really feeling it as your body works hard creating life and getting ready to bring your bundle of joy into the world… you so deserve some time out, nurturing and relief – your baby will love you for it!

55 Minute Session - $130

Sound & Crystal Healing Massage

This powerful collective of vibrational sound, crystals and reiki energy combined is a very gentle, heart centered and relaxed way to release emotional trauma, dissolve blocked or negative energy within and around your body restoring and balancing your chakras, raising vitality and energy whilst igniting your soul.

Many who struggle with receiving touch or don’t know how to meditate find these spiritual healings a great way to free their mind and experience deep states of calm as their stresses leave their body and relaxation optimism, grounding and a sense of calm moves in.

55 Minute Session - $120

Couples Rest & Relaxation Time

Enjoy some quality time your beloved or best friend whilst reviving a relaxing full body massage with aromatherapy in our ambient, romantic and crystal filled couples temple followed by a delicious chocolate and tea treat in our lush tropical gardens. The price listed is for two people.

55 Minute Session - $240

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