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Our soul and holistic treatments are nourishing, nurturing and relaxing that will have you feeling energised, aligned and happy. We offer reiki, chakra alignment, sound healing, crystal therapy, holistic counselling, psychic readings and more…

Reiki Energy Healing

Our Reiki treatment helps to restore one’s physical and emotional wellbeing, it is a natural method of balancing energy for the purpose of reducing stress and enhancing relaxation.

The treatment involves one lying on a massage table, with hands on healing and some very light energetic style massage. Reiki clears blockages that restrict the body’s natural energy flow. Reiki is a great way to relieve any type of upset or anxiety and physical healing.

Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale! Life can get you down sometimes, you may feel stressed, overwhelmed, rundown and tired – Reiki will have you return back to your usual self.

55 Minute Session - $120

Psychic Card Readings

Discover the privilege of experiencing our gifted mediums, tarot, Oracle, and clairvoyant readers from Australia. Highly experienced and using various tools like tarot/oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, and intuitive guidance, they offer insights into your current and future life based on your circumstances, beliefs, and emotions.

In a reading session, receive nurturing, positive, and empowering guidance about what's happening in your life and its probable causes. Gain a fresh perspective, especially when feeling stuck, lost, or indecisive at crossroads.

Life's journey can be overwhelming, and we all seek moments of guidance and inspiration. Let us be your tender ear, loving nudge, or a connection to "the other side." The load you carry may feel heavy, but we can help you navigate and feel lighter, more confident, and ready to move forward.

30 Min - $80 | 60 Min - $140

Chakra Crystal & Light Therapy

This profoundly powerful healing system consists of a set of seven quartz generator crystals and coloured lights that are positioned over the body. The set of lights are positioned above you as you lay comfortably on our massage bed sandwiched energetically with 7 raw chakra crystals beneath you, you will be fully clothed and have an eye pillow across your eyes. Each coloured light and crystal is aligned with your chakras points (energy centres).

Our therapist will ensure you are comfortable and relaxed before leaving the room so you can experience your treatment – we may apply reiki or light touch if you wish to ground you and settle you in and will play high vibrational and energising music specific to charging your chakras to enhance your healing journey. We will return to you as your session finishes to gently guide you back to the place you began.

You’re most likely doing to much and feeling energetically flat or out of balance. You service your car so why not service yourself, we’ve got you!

55 Minute Session - $100

Holistic Counselling

Consider how you feel upon all layers - physical, mental, emotional, energetic, & spiritual.

Devote time for yourself with our Holistic Counsellor to not only consider how you feel but FEEL how you feel. Our Holistic Counsellor, Allennie opens a safe container for you to be held, heard, and honoured in your truth.

Through mindfulness-based practices - meditation, visualisation, and internal exploration - Allennie supports you towards your own self-understanding and liberation.

Life can be intense. Situations occur. And we tend to persevere.

But what about the internal self that’s still holding on? What is waiting to be heard or expressed?

Step into the space with our Holistic Counsellor and connect with your internal self.

Contact Allennie:

Allennie’s qualifications are:
  • Double Bachelor in Human Services & Criminology
  • Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT - Tapping)
  • Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapist
  • 100hr Yoga Teacher Training
  • Currently working towards my 200 hours
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